Eid pickles

Eid pickles

Kim, our Korean volunteer, has been with us for 3 weeks.  An avid learner, he is now competent in many tasks.  KoreliKim

Nature knows no holidays! During this heat, plants still need watering, and produce has to be picked. Lots of courgettes (chopped for drying) and cucumbers, which need to be preserved: salt, vinegar, garlic and hot pepper. We started late after hours well spent showing a newcomer round: a local electrical engineer, who is offering to raise energy efficiency.

Yet another powercut! Romantic with a nearly full moon, but not the best for work. I was sewing another COVID face mask (In Turkey these have long been compulsory in public spaces) when the lights went out. I found I made even better pleats by feeling than by sight. Challenges may surprise you!

What type of ladybird is this: faded spots, and rather too large:a different species?

The characteristic cone trap of a Myrmeleontid larva, perfectly smooth steep sides dipping to a point where the large-mandibled juvenile waits for prey to fall to its end. One disadvantage of such a passive life strategy is that when food is rare, metabolism must be slow to survive.

Another scorpion in Merdan's room: they find their way through cracks in the dry stone wall. How many other species have lived millions of years here, until 10 years ago? The little mouse in my room, or the mosquito that hovers in the dark, targeting me, like a helicopter on a mission!

Neem seedlings growing into future trees

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