Güneşköy - map and tour

Güneşköy map 2-2020 

1 - Glasshouse   3 - Vermiculture   5 - Stone store   6 - Compost WC   9 - alluvial terraces   10 - Viaduct pillars   11 - Mandala meeting room  13 - dry pond  14 - Canyon  18 - Slope terraces  20 - Fruit trees  22 - Watering pond

A view from the Mobile Scaffolding System (MSS90), taken (August 2019) by an intern during the construction of the viaduct deck.  Where the Ankara-Sivas High Speed Train track goes over the Balaban valley, the highest point is over 100m above ground.  The 1.7km long deck was completed in 2019, after the pillars were built in 2016-2017.  I'd always dreamed of having a bird's eye view of Güneşköy; in July 2019, we got the opportunity.  If the trains slow down from 250 km/h, passengers too will get a view.  havadanMSS7-19

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