A cold mid August

A cold mid August

We were not warm, wearing layers of clothes, jackets and polar jumpers as we descended in the wintery looking Balaban Valley. SogukAgustos down into the clouds, along wet roads between thick green countryside.  Global warming in Ankara is cold and wet this year.  A grader is at work clearing the roads covered in rocks, grit and soil from the recent downpour.  Slopes that had never shown signs of lfe are green and growing.    

44 packets of vegetables to be prepared, coming to 9 kilo each.  We started to pick: cucumbers growing in mud! Far easier was pulling out weeds that at this time of year are deeply anchored into concrete hard soil, as if slipping out of cream - no resistance at all.  But Cucumbers had to be picked!

With no weekly deliveries during Eid, some courgettes had grown excessively... Too many even for the worms and chickens.  We brought the biggest to a compost heap and started to cut them, so they could rot faster.  Why just cut straight? Inspiration flowed and creations appeared...         

KabakKafa KabakSanat 

The unsearsonal conditions are favouring some  CinSaciCicek   I'd seen so many spores on Cuscuta campestris, but never flowers.  Known by local farmers as Cancer, its tendrils push out to reach into untapped areas of growth (parsely here) in a matter of days!

On the other hand, mayflies are low on energy, waiting to heat up.  However, ephemeroptera only have days to live... It is one of the  Ephemeroptera Mayfly  camda bekliyor.  Fazla zamanı yok... 

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