Worm Compost

Best quality vermicompost on sale:

Worm compost - vermicompost - has many benefits.  The most important is that the production is 100% natural.  The worms transform any waste that can decompose organically (except for oily, bitter or spicy foods) with appropriate digestive enzymes. 

Vermicompost provides many of the basic minerals needed for healthy soil, with beneficial microorganisms.   

A 4kg bag will be enough for pot plants at home, especially when mixed with soil or "turf".  Please contact us if you have any questions; we are always ready to share our experience.  

4 kg - 20 TL  (15TL if bought at Güneşköy - from June 11 2018)

8kg - 40 TL  (35TL if bought at Güneşköy - from June 11 2018)

20kg       80 TL   

20kg       üstü alımlar için bizimle temasa geçin


Apply by filling in the Contact Form or email ahazartr @gmail.com

The power of our worm compost is shown in the strawberries that were just about dead. 

After 3 weeks growing in vermicompost: Vermicompost

Since 2015, Güneşköy's worm population has been growing.  Starting in 1mboxes, they were moved into more appropriate conditions where continue to produce vermicast throughout the year.  

These are of course red worms, not those we find enriching the soil.  The first Eisenia fetida worms (also known as redworm or brandling worms) reached Güneşköy in 2008.  With lack of experience and information, this pioneer population somehow survived many months before disappearing.  Vermiculture is not the easy option that is often protrayed in the media.  Worms require food, humidity and darkness; for optimal vermicast production, many factors need to be considered.  



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