Before coming to Güneşköy

Some useful information to plan your first trip to Güneşköy

1-What to wear? 

1000m above sea level, Güneşköy is in the Central Anatolian Plateau. Winters are (normally) very cold, and summers very hot. 

For millions of years before Güneşköy, the land was home to plants and animals that live, eat and protect themselves in a wide variety of ways: some of these can be unpleasant for humans - prickles, thorns, stings, bites... 

So it is best to protect yourself:

  • from the sun - hat, long sleeves, sun screen lotion, trousers.  Tracksuits are comfortable but will pick up lots of seeds: one technique they use for dispertion is to "catch a ride" on any passing animal.  
  • from the cold - wear many layers (7 is the record so far) that you can take off as you work and warm up.  
  • from the rain - in the past it did not rain so much, but with climate change... we even had 10 hours non-stop rain!
  • from animals - proper shoes - not sandals! and cotton trousers - not strech fabric because prickly seeds stick well in the hope of being taken to a new place to grow...

Wear clothes that can get wet, dusty, muddy, ripped... and start exploring - nature, your limits


  • On the way, we stop at "25 Saat" bakery: for breakfast, for the day(s) bread, pastry and other treats for breaks at Güneşköy, and to collect the buckets full of tea leaves they save for our worms.
  • Lunch: Öğlen yemeği: evde önceden hazırladığımız bir yemek getiriyoruz (mutlaka vejetaryan yemeği oluyor!).  Mutfak ekibi makarna/pilav ve salata hazırlar.  Katılım sayısı artıyor... ve yeni çözümler oluşturacağız :) 


3-How to get to Güneşköy   

Güneşköy is 65km from Ankara, 15km from the nearest town of Elmalı. 

  1. The easiest is thogh not so environmental is going by car.
  2. Some days, we arrange a bus - from METU, through Yüzüncü Yıl, stopping at AŞTİ metro. 
  3. Public transport from Ankara (Ulus) to Elmadağ is cheap, but this takes time. A taxi to Güneşköy is reasonable.
  4. Walking is possible if you have 3 hours
  5. Cycling?! Watch out for the sheep dogs - they are ready to face wolves!

4- What else can we bring?

 You may wish to amke a contribution to the daily running costs.  Or you may bring something.  We use a lot of tea, cooking oil, sugar, rice, macaroni, lentils and beans... or anything you would like to share.  

and if you have any, please bring ...  

  • Egg boxes
  • Egg shells - our chickens eat them up to make fresh eggs.
  • Jars with lids
  • Old newspapers... if you still read real papers!

... we can certainly use them!

5- Free time at Güneşköy?

  • Sit and listen to sounds
  • Walk and observe nature's wonders
  • Watch the stars  
  • Read a book, play an instrument, paint, or simple be! 
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