A weekend camp

A weekend camp

METU Allotment (ODTÜ Bostan), established in 2014, the university allotment is now 10 years old! Doğukan Kemer had started volunteering at the allotment in his first year, then became one of the participants in the CRY-Gen (GİDYO) project.  To celebrate ODTÜ Bostan's first decade, and raise awareness of skills involved in working on the land, and growing produce, Doğukan prepared a project proposal: the Yine Yeni Yeniden Bostan program began with 3 day-long events at MoniBostan, then brought a smaller group together for this weekend camp. 

Batmadan18-5 Enlightenment, a little more gained during this gathering. As our part of the world gently rotated away from our star, we about to understand how to connect better, to tune in and listen. 

Just before Hisarköy, the white elderflowers invited us to stop. Our team learnt to recognise and pick the sweet smelling discs. See later how we used them...

Before lunch, everyone worked in small groups, cooking, tidying and cleaning, and finally setting up the shading now needed as the sun gets hotter.

After lunch, a workshop focussed on the questions of first time visitors. These first timers had all looked at Güneşköy information on the website - before leaving Ankara: no time was needed for giving that information once we arrrived at Güneşköy. Three groups worked independently, generating a variety of questions, which were then categorised, Basic - Complex - Abstract. Then long-term members of Güneşköy answered the questions. Rather than those who know giving what they think people want, we listened to what new-comers wanted to know. Some interesting points appeared.

In the evening, leaving from the strawbale building, Ink wanted to pick some flowers for her art activity.I took her and Şura over the top, climbing up under the viaduct. Previous years never had such a range of colours: so many plants are now settling in to this new environment.

After the evening meal, Şura played with my twig collection. Art materials

Three of us got up at 5.45, and climbed up towards the peaks. The new fence's northern gate is so well closed, we had to find an alternative exit... Teh serpentine slopes are too slippy to climb. We needed to walk on to surfaces colonised by vegetation, where we could get a grip.

As the first rays of the sun reach out over the land, the shadows are longest.

This Pontia edusa (eastern bath white) was barely moving at 7am: too early to move fast.

Our Thai cook, İnk loves using much garlic.

Tasty dinners can also be beautiful

Observe what happens in a wasp comb!

And at the end, our team scontinued working well. Inspired by expert Ayça, two new staff members were trained up...

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