Dome door opened

Dome door opened

ViolaOcculta Of the new flowers, as greenery on the slopes gets thicker, looking hard requires quite a sprinkling of chance to notice these tiny Viola occulta. 

Vahit usta had prepared the frame for the entrance to the dome. This is necessary to be able to open up the regular balance of symmetry of the dome. Before handing it over, he finalised the last details: where would the metal bars need to be fixed to the framework, how wide, on which side of the frame bars. Vahit's workshop has some interesting pieces, and at least one project I'd like to see realised... I left with an intriguing present: what a fascinating abstract structure metal shavings have!

The door frame is in place - see the shadow, bottom left. Two people can carry the dome with a surface of 25 square meters.

Murat usta came from his strawberries 5km north, with his welding equipment. With Simla, Ali and Celal they worked out where to break open the dome's symmetry and which bars to reconnect to which points on the frame. This was a first for all of them. Murat was happy to contribute, but materials must be paid for.

By evening, in the last light of the day it was tempting to do one more thing, then another. Once we could walk through the door - without bending down to clamber through one of the triangles - the topic moved to the windows: which spaces should be clear, to let in light? Not next to the door, how high? Symmetrical would be more esthetic, but how wide, and how long? We need to be home by 21.00! But first fill 20 water containers; good teamwork means rapid work, and we're on the road home in the busy pre-loackdown traffic.

Two species of Gagea are distinct: the more chubby G.villosa

...and G.taurica, with its longer thinner petals, greenish on the underside.

We must keep goats out! Over recent years, a number of young Juniperus erecta have sprung up. They'll take years to be strong enough to live up to the rapid chomps of a herd of goats!

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