Favorite Güneşköy Recipes

Pumpkin Soup

Onions, pumpkin, ginger

Chop the pumpkin into large chunks, removing the seeds for roasting.

Slowly cook the chunks of pumpkin with minimum water.  When the pumpkin is soft, blend into a puree: the thicker it is, the less space it will take in the freezer. 

Gently fry onions and finely chopped ginger root.  Other flavours can be added: cumin, grated nutmeg, ...

Mix pumpkin puree in with the onions.  Add enough water until the soup is as thick as you want.

I freeze "bricks" (the concentrated paste freezes well in plastic containers. You then empty the frozen bricks, and mould some more bricks).  When you want a quick soup weeks later, pour boiling water on a brick - in a few minutes, you will have soup for four.