CRY-Gen resources

A list of resources for participants on the CRY-Gen project:



  • Ecofootprint calculator -  - This gives both Eco-footprints and Carbon-footprints.  Watch your footprint change when you change your choices!  Going from over 8 planets, down to ... how little?
  • Global Footprint Network has an international organisation that provides a rich collection of resouces, data and information.  It's footprint caluculator gives different values... 

Resilience: How do people adapt when life is challenging?  How does nature adapt to the challenges created by humans? How has nature adapted over millions of years?  How can we move forward, without getting “stuck”?  Resilience

Ecological resilience: Voice of a River  - "By not being afraid to speak for all of life with all of my life, I was free from fear." ~ Mark Dubois

Rob Greenfield -adventurer and activist

Plants suited to climate change - Experts at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, selected 11 seeds from plants and trees that may be better suited to climate change than other species (BBC, July 2019).  Several species found at Güneşköy will certainly fall in this category.  


Environmental history podcasts (BBC)

There are many more resources: let us know if you can recommend anything clear and effective.