Claire's Blog

  • 29/09/2019
    3rd CRY-Gen Camp

    After classes started, the team - now well tuned in - met up for 3 intense days, with very satisfying results.

  • 16/09/2019
    2nd CRY-Gen camp

    Before the academic year starts, an opportunity to be at Güneşköy: 40 people for 144 hours - neither internet not mobile networks.

  • 02/09/2019
    Tomato Paste Time Again

    Ever wondered how to turn 400kg tomatoes into jars of tomato paste? Read on...

  • 18/08/2019
    A cold mid August

    Layers of clothes in August? Unheard of! 

  • 15/08/2019
    Four Quiet Days

    During Eid, Ankara is empty, left to the birds, street dogs and cats.  Each day at Güneşköy was quite different.

  • 28/07/2019
    Zero Waste travellers

    Maud and Vincent visit on their global search for Zero Waste.

    A huge GÜNEŞKÖY sign!

  • 21/07/2019
    90m up in the air...

    A chance to see Güneşköy from the air, without flying.

  • 18/06/2019
    CRY-Gen - first camp

    The first camp of Climate Resilient Youth Generation - CRY-Gen

  • 08/06/2019
    Kitchen mutation

    How to rip out the old kitchen, scrub it down and repaint the walls then fit in and connect all the appliances? I was speechless watching the team

  • 02/06/2019
    Pond at night

    3.5 months without teaching!  Flora adapts as heat rises.  Above us, MSS viaduct construction carries on through the night, sounds of shouts and banging in the dark behind the frog choruses.