Claire's Blog

  • 14/05/2021
    A productive guide
  • 04/05/2021
    Tuning in...

    Life blossoms as temperatures rise: far more flowers, babies born, and creatures emerging from pupa adapting to their new shapes. Meanwhile Derviş settles in for the 2021 seasonal work pace.

  • 26/04/2021
    Sowing and Sounds

    Sowing seeds: potato, pumpkin, watermelon and melon.  Travelling during lockdown with a Farmer's Certificate, we easily passed through the road checks. 

  • 19/04/2021
    What if...

    Something unplanned turning up can take you somewhere you'd never have been otherwise...

  • 28/03/2021
    Dome door opened

    After collecting the entrance to the dome from Vahit usta, our team spent the day working how to break the pure geometry of the 25m2 structure.  Spring flowers are blossoming.  

  • 22/03/2021

    Despite the cold, plants are coming to life, many rosettes radiating between the spinach plants. 

    İnci called the first gathering of team of the new UNDP project, Kırcan. 

  • 11/03/2021
    Dome Foundation

    Osman usta, a local stone mason, prepared the foundations for the dome.  For the next 3 months, the cows and their calves have their right to milk - no more milk, butter, cheese or yogurt for a while.  

  • 10/02/2021
    Feeding Life

    A visit from Alp Pir and his team show the way to Ecological Restoration. It's too warm for the season, 10 degrees above the expected maximum. 

  • 01/02/2021
    72 hours Nature Confined

    Weekend confinement at Güneşköy, roaming 75000 square meters with Derviş. Rain, snow, biting cold and sun, then spring-like warmth. 


  • 08/01/2021
    Enter 2021

    Through thick fog, to find Herkül again.