Visitors from far away

Visitors from far away

paket12.5kg the 5th week delivery, 12.5 kilos of fresh healthy veg and plums (the first time plums have been in a weekly delivery) and at last those deliciosu tomatoes, oozing flavour into salads, cooked dishes, or even just bitten into like an apple.

Previously delivered fruits have been melons (Turkish and Cantaloupe) and watermelons.  We have strawberries, apricots, sour cherries, quince, mulberries (black, white and a huge thumb sized black ones), ...  

When visitors and today's vegetable deliveries were on their way to Ankara, there was time for other tasks: Lavender harvest. Celal swiftly swipes throught the stems with the hand scythe - why he was not impressed last year with my speed: I cut the stems with secateurs; not at all as effective! The poly tunnel is ready as a drying space, since the cucumbers have been cleared away. They had given their best and plants in the open fields are in full production.

Another evening, cooling at the end of summer heat. I watched the crescent peacefully sink behind the hills towards Ankara, a reminder of how fast we are actually spinning around our star. Behind the acacia trees, just outside our land lights flash... Who could it be? Burglars? Herkül barks, and I tell him to go for it! "I'm Arzu!" shouts a voice... In the pitch dark at 21.30 I drive round to see. Arzu's uncle had insisted on coming even at night as she was returning to Van (on the border with Iran). This teacher had found me online, through her lecturer Suad (now in the US). She'd called me only hours before I left to come to Güneşköy, wanting to meet me while she was in Ankara. In fact it turned out he aunt lives in Elmadağ, the closest town to Güneşköy; I told them the route, in case they could come. After a busy day they relied on the navigation route - not recommended, especially when wet! As we drank tea under the stars, I sighed "If only you could see Güneşköy in day light..."; she'd brought her bag, just in case! After other went to bed we talked about many things, dreaming up plans of what could be...

In the morning we got up early to explore. Celal, thanks! You let us off all tasks today so that Arzu can understand as much as she can before returning to Van. Anyone I show around will get to know both flowers and their seeds, looking closely to admire details. August is the time to see how seeds mature and prepare to leave the mother plant, each with different mechanisms.

In the north-western most corner, I had tied one of my "bee bundles" to a spiny Jerusalem thorn last winter. Both the south facing ends of the twigs...

and nearly all the northern facing ends have also sheltered a creature. This method is to be developed!

Of course we went to the canyon. We each carried 10 litres of water for the willow cuttings that I planted in April; about half could have taken. The hardened muddy walls around the hollows at their base can take over half a litre at a time. Some have cracked, baked in the heat, so I dribble more mud over the weak spots to strengthen them.

We came to the pond to see the nuthatch nest (sitta, sıvacı kuşu), then found this very long reed. Anchored in the water, it was reaching out far, looking for alternative terrain.

As we walk around, Arsu starts to recognise plants: flowers, seeds and trees. Here it is clear this is a bush of wild almonds: the fruits (nuts) outer and inner shells are on the tree, and below, the cracked shells remain after the nuts themselves have been eaten ... by who??? I still don't know.

The caps of poppy seed pods have beautiful radial symetries. I've never found one with only 4 spokes. Here are 4, 5 ,6 and 7 in one group.

Talking of ants, I always look for their nearby waste dump, where they leave the wrappings of the seeds they store for later. Why would this nest have a perfect circle of husks equidistant from the nest entrance? Might it have some defensive purpose?

First time I've seen Carlina, of the Asteriaceae daisy family; inevitably sharp and spiny to survive the summer heat.

Anarchic sunflower, turning away from the sun? Or planning ahead, ready for the morning sunrise?

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