The weather alone is enough

The weather alone is enough

Damla borusu Could he just sit and watch us work? He knows so well how to best set up the drip irrigation he organised the team.

By sunset, the tomato and pepper plants were settling in their open field positions.

Another task was searching for Colorado beetles, eggs and larvae. Several times today we checked through the leaves to discover those that had been hiding...

Bombylius bee-fly: furry like a bee, but only one pair of wings, because it belongs to the Diptera / fly family. It flies like a hummingbird, hovering in the air ...with a loud buzz; but it cannot sting, it's jsut a fly. Like hummingbirds it feeds on flower nectar, dipping its stiff proboscis deep into the flower. Its larvae are parasitic on solitary bees.

June flowers are beautiful! Look at the details of this wild pink; last year they were still flowering in November!

Paliurus spina-christi fruits have reached full size. Now the colour will change from bright green to yellow, to orange and then brown.

Papirus, or sedge (Cyperaceae) came in somewho years ago, settling around the pond.

This spring's severe rainfalls have reshaped the canyon. To give an idea of size, the blue rock is over 60cm wide. Meanwhile on the Black Sea coast, sudden rainfalls have destroyed bridges, flooded towns and are reminding us that manmade structures need to consider nature's balances.

The electric lines are now connected along the viaduct.

On the way, we stopped by at Zübeyir's land: 17 year old cherry trees and full of fruit, ready for picking. Zero chemicals.

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