Strong beginning

Strong beginning

Now the flowers are so many, I will no longer record them here: we have far too much to do!  If interested, check out the Güneşköy Flora for April data (to be updated when I have time). 

Teams form to work on the fields (already 30 people have applied for our weakly vegetable box delivery), digging, removing stones or couch grass and other roots, setting up drip irrigation; preparing lunch, harvesting the Worm House vermicompost, gathering flowers for Vildan's jewellery.

34 years ago, on the Didsbury Insect Group's stand at the Manchester Fair, we'd developed a method to gradually let people get closer to bugs and finally hold them confidently.  It works with worms too WormFinger 

Several visitors, of whom Hilal and her children. We decide on where they will grow their seed collection, to harvest more seeds - Turkey has a serious seed crisis, now virtually dependent on hybrid seed imported (at dollar rates) from Israel.  A young person interested in flowers and rocks ? What a pleasure!

The 90m long Mobile Scaffolding System has started work at the start of our 10th Viaduct. By evening, it had moved along an incrementV10MSS90 

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