Step by Step, Thanks to Rey

Step by Step, Thanks to Rey

How to overcome fear of dogs? Thanks Rey!   ReyFollower    KayaLikeni  Nature has so much to be discovered.  Lichens have been around since long before dinosaurs.  What else can grow on rocks? 

We walked up to the top of the hill, and came back down... 

Tepede Inerken  Capsules Upcycled bottle caps gives long moments of fun.  Alaz proposed an adaptation for younger players to participate :) 

 Herkes Those who were at Cüneşköy today, Teachers' day.

 Eryngium stalks now inhabited YuvaOldu Nezir's gift NezirdenKabakMSS90son  MSS90 is being dismantled at the end of the construction of the 10th viaduct on the Ankara-Sivas high speed train track.  

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