The regular harvesting and packaging done, we got on with other tasks 


 finally Adnan and I got round to trying out the stencil I had designed and had laser-cut.  Nearly there; just a matter of viscosity.

A second week targetting cocklebur before too many seeds drop to launch next year's generation: on the slope between 2nd-3rd terasses.  Two huge piles are now waiting to dry before burning - secured by weaving in strong stems.  My eyes grew used to the patterns of plants on the slope between the 2nd and 3rd terraces (of rich alluvial soil dumped on our dry stony land in 2016, from the foundations of pillars 13 and 14 of our viaduct. As the soil settles deep inside the 10 000 tons, cracks appear.  If we do not take care, the next rainfalls will only expand the cracks on the surface...  What if the cracks are stuffed with branches of the weeds that grow so well wherever they fall.   Let's see next year...   Erozyon_onleme

Bugloss_LeidenSome of the seeds I brought from Leiden's Kruidentuijn have grown well - bugloss and salad burnet, more ebullient than tose that grow naturally here.  

And who has been visiting out courgette patch?  Celal reckons fox or wolf  Diski

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