Spring structure

Spring structure

11 of us in 2 vehicles talking about many possibilities. Our UNDP project CRY-gen has a "building" item.  Initially planned as a yurt, ideas evolved into a dome.  Today 3 new visitors are Architecture students Ahmet and Simla, and Designer Elif bring fresh views and ask plenty of questions.  

Also with us are  Işıl, Doğukan, Ali, İnci, Adnan, İbrahim and Billur.

What sort of building do we most need? Why, for what function? Dreams and creative ideas are brought into perspective by limits of budget and time.  What can be done in time for the festival later in the summer.  

The white clouds are dramatically crisp in the bright blue sky.

Debi A tour of Güneşköy now has to go to the water source (north east).  To measure the flow, two water bottles, 5 and 0.5 litres. Over 5 minutes, 260 ml dripped too rapidly to count, enough to keep many life forms alive but not enough to flow.  How clean is the water?  We'll leave for a week and see if anything grows.   Yanındaki taşları nedir? hemen parçalanıyorStoneX Kaya Rocks near the source are intriguing.   The greenish reticulated structure crumbles so easily.  

StoneCat A rock on the slope, or a cat looking down hill.  Domuz  Traces of wild boar passing through.  Clear hoof marks in the soil, as well as less obvious traces of digging, especially in the onion field. 

Spring is on its way.  The second of the 3 Cemre (a word of Arabic origin, meaning an energy bringing spring) has fallen: The first "fell to air" 19-20 February, the second "fell to water" 2nd 26-27 February, and the final Cemre will "fall to soil" 5-6 March.  

Iris1  Iris galatica season again!  7 days ago there were only leaves, without any sign of a bud.  We found four flowers, including my first yellow one.  Are they smaller than last year, or is my memory playing up?  A coin (26mm diametre) shows the flower is under 5cm across.IrisLira  

 Carrottes  The carrots, celery and parsely are uprooted to make way for new crops.  Carrot soup, carrot cake, carrots in salad, carrots cooked - steamed, boiled, grated, in chunks, whole...   İnci explains Zehirsiz Sofralar, the Turkish arm of Pesticide Action Network.  

 Yataklar Can you work out the time from the angle of the shadows?  Celal has prepared beds for new vegetables; any guesses what might be growing there in 3 months?

Naming Tree names (Latin, Turkish, English) are now appearing...

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