Tomorrow, classes start. 22 students and I will start the 16 week journey of discovery and endurance, pushing through broredom and rallying for unexpected challenges.  What will the 2018-2019 academic year will bring? 

I nearly didn't come this Sunday, needing to pick up energy and strength on the last day of the 16 week summer, before classes start. 

How much can mind over matter work when the immune system is wanting to pack up?  I managed the 7am rise, getting to the meeting point at the market, then my energy slacked... 

After İnci organised one of her delicious breakfasts, as others went to work in the fields, I curled up in the 3rd room.. Over 4 hours later, it was nearly time for lunch.  Just time to check the worms; more juice for the plants.  The kale is growing well since their feed.  

This week the leeks are new "in the bags". Sallama These grow close, and watered every few days by flooding each area, opening and closing the channel and side walls.  

citlikAmong the tall leeks, Chicorium intibus leaves spread at ground level.  The blue dandilion flowers turned early to seed, so now it is time for the perenial chicory to recharge the strong tap root, with leaves that have long been valued.

How do plants that are not watered survive, still flowering when other grasses are bone dry?    How far deep down have Consolida regalis Larkspur tap roots reached down towards remaining humidity? GuzHezaren

The viaduct construction has been quiet for months.  Only one post remains, near the 6th pillar.  Vedat has turned up for night duty, now having tea with in the warm sun before it sets.  Dry as tiny bones, the crisp Jerusalem thorn fruits tinkle like rattle snakes.  5_6_7_ayak

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