Fine points

Fine points

Güneşköy has enticed me to so many firsts, experiments, pushing beyond my limits.  My first time driving the unlit rough 15km road from Elmadağ in the dark as I wanted Şeyma to come too.  

Arriving after rural dinner time, Celal and Adnan had tea while we tucked in to our food.  To the crackling of the stove, munching popcorn we talked into the night.  What can be done so people can realise how points are connected?  Ideas from a book triggered others from our experience.  Just a matter of a little organisation?  deney  Who can guess what experiment we tried? 

Şeyma and I settle for the night in Room No3: unfolding the second bed, blankets on top of sleeping bags, 3 pairs of socks, several woolen jumpers... face wrapped up, with nose peeking out: one adapts and sleep soundly!  

  In memory of Şeyma's grandfather I take her to discover hidden beauties of early morning winter - never noticed in town, when we don't get up until we have to and rush .Incelili

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