Chickens and other birds

Chickens and other birds

Some chickens are getting bold, some amnaging to hop over the fence.  Not such a good idea when a fox has taken a fancy to the area.  Of the five that were outside, I caught two and persuaded two to walk through the gate I'd opened.  One still resisted, so I left it free until the evening.  When we came to close the hen coops, she was perched near the inner gate.  How had she got in?  When we tried catching her, she fled again... leading us to a hole in the fence that will now be closed to the fox.  Thanks to this fifth fowl! 

Leylekler  Looking south towards the Balaban stream, the water logged field hosts a flock of storks.  Majestic when they fly, though they were not easily disturbed.    

A Bombus bumble bee is only one of the currant polinators.  BumblebeeFrenk

Heavy rain clouds blanket the sky; it could rain any time.  İbrahim has connected the gutter from the new roof (200 meters square) to the 5000 litre container.  For every centimeter of rain, it could collect up to 2000 litres, 2 tons of water.   DepoBagli   The next day, Ankara experienced a hail storm never seen before.  Climate change impact?  

İkinci gün yine elektrik yok.  Gelin aldatan saatine gelince hızlıca işler bitirmek gerekirdi. Karanlıkta yemek hazırlayıp mum ışığında yemek tat ve dokularına dikkat çeker.  Brokoli suyu lezziz, makarna pişirmede kullanılır.  "Ortaçağda yaşayan insanlar gece daha iyi görürmüş" der Ferdan Ergut. 

We planted an elder cutting (cut 14 months ago from Kurtuluş Park, before the tree collapse under snow this winter), burying a 5 litre pot for slow release watering    TestiliMurver   Examples of Olla have been used traditionally in many cultures.  

 BugBundle   One of our bug habitats, up-cycling a piece of drain pipe

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