Changing colours

Changing colours

Sedalarda İlkay and I had 24 hours together, just the two of us.  Our first stop was at Fatma and Seda's farm. Ilkay was taken back to her childhood summers, staying with her grandmother's village in the plateau of Beypazarı.   

How to move away from limiting ways to starting to learn English? In the morning as we talked about an ant rubbish heap, we noticed snail shells.  Why were they there? Snail food, or dropping by to eat what the ants threw away, or another reason.  The snail colourings were different, those with living owners have clearest markings which gradually disappear when no longer maintained. 

We visited FatmaNur, sitting on the veranda, well distanced with masks at first. Her distance education studies are challenging, especially with only by phone connection. Eyübhan, now following 2nd grade classes online, is keen on drawing "Tell me what to draw!". A millipede is a "40 foot" in Turkish... The feet, all right angled, all needed to be counted.

Though it is getting colder, I still wore my thin summer trousers. It's warm enough in the glasshouse, but washing wool inevitably meant wet trousers, which then were able to let all heat through... Cold. We changed the water 4 times, and it still had nutrients for eatering the trees... An overnight soak was a good idea.

Consolida thirkeana, usually such a pale blue it is hard to see in the dry autumn scrub, has brightened to a clear mauve with the recent rains.

Do praying mantids also change colour and become greener too? The situation is more complex than it appears

İlkay and I helped Celal as he harvested Jerusalem artichokes. It is hard work digging up these 2 meter tall sunflowers with tubers anchoring them firmly in the ground.

The tubers are pink and white when dug up, but soon oxidise to a dull brown. Those plants remaining in the soil will carry on growing, but the Güneşköy Bahçemiz sezon is in its last week.

A spider's web, a funnel web.

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