Attention to detail

Attention to detail

A missed detail in a process can mean efforts invested fizzle out, like water poured on sand in the desert just as a genetic mutation can block the successful production of a functional protein:

  • Learning a foreing language
  • Persuading someone to take a job
  • Flying a kite high in the sky
  • Connecting with an old friend...

Does nature ever get stuck, stuck on details? LamiaSure, individual organisms do... but others do as expected - thus they survive and put genes into the next generation.   

  So many flowers have started to blossom. Güneşköy Flora is useful, but still needs attention: monthly ! 

Salads are now rich, not only with what we have planted (onions, kale, brocoli, rocket...) but also wild edibles such as wild radish Salad 


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