Another adventure

Another adventure

Some days just seem ordinary.  Could I decide anything much early 22.2.2020?  I emptied over 80 litres of rain harvested from the appartment roof, on/into the compost heap where a hedgehog was burried deep hibernating.  Then Ibrahim and I set off in the Transporter van.  Why such a vehicle? éthe road is too rough for your car " he said.  Once we were off the main road, leaving Elmadağ behind, I took photos as we drove over the pass and dipped down towards Balaban Valley.  We took the left fork, for Edige... then Ibrahim stopped.  To send a last message, or check emails?  No.  He got down from the van, and as he walked round he signalled that I should move over - to the driver's seat!  Sometimes trying new things, it is best to just try.  My patient mentor told me I could, reminding me of a step or two... "OK I'll drive 10 meters, perhaps a little more...".  I drove all the way to Güneşköy, 10 km finishing down the very muddy track.  VanDriver  

I set off to look for signs of Iris galatica.  Rain damaged crocuses Crocus and still plenticy of Colchicum.  LikenLichens and mosses are at their liveliest   Yosunla 

IrisLeaves Iris leaves are thicker and more curved that those of Muscari grape hyacinths.  Many of those can be seen on the solpes if you look carefully enough. Iris positions are fewer and hard enough to see even when in flower.  TekrarKirpi Perenials are coming back to life after retreating to dark lifeless form over winter.     Yuva1 Other items are less obvious.  Rubbish? a piece of plastic, card or paper? It seems to be some sort of nest in the spines of Jerusalem thorn.  What will come out of this...?  During a 90 minute tour, I collected 2 bags of rubbish from the construction site... The eye/brain tunes into looking for particular shapes ("Paper" cups, safety glove packaging...) or colours: the shades of foam of various ages, peices broken away from the seals between concrete molds.  From pale yellow to bright and deep orange, they fall within the colour range of some of our rocks... TasCop Also bright orange are the safety gloves themselves. 

StrengthenedFence Celal has mended the North-Western fence.   VernikCarrots I varnished a batch of tree names, ready for the next visit.  Ibrahim has nearly finished a notice board.  

  MudSome crazy ideas are implemented.  Rain, mud, a wrong turning, too far down the track, how to return, or even move as the tyres skid and wheels spin in the deepening darkness?  Just don't go further down into the trench... In the dark we walked to nearby Çiflik.  The dogs! Everyone talks about how fierce they are, how they'll attack and injure.  No idea why, No I had not lost hope; the two of us walked up to İbrahim (İbo) Kıvanç's house, the dogs barked and İbo came out to see who was coming.  Come in for tea!  Fadime and Seda passed us popcorn and sunflower seeds (both their own).  Visitors were family from the village; listening to the conversation, I didn't get as much as İbrahim. Fine details of who did what when, inuendos and meaningful silences.  Communication is far more than words.  Kivanclar  

TraktorKurtarma İbo was glad to give a hand; we owe you a favour. TapOff Back at Güneşköy I remembered to turn off the tap.  The rainwater tank was now able to harvest another 5 tons 6kestane and we enjoyde the last 6 chestnuts from the shop.

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