After 65 Corona days

After 65 Corona days

Corona has limited in so many ways, some we never expected.  Not being able to go to Güneşköy was frustrating at first, then I quietened down as I knew that nature would have its way, get on with what it had always done for millenia until Homo sapiens became dominant.  Patlangac The way nature has continued despite the railway viaduct construction has been envigorating - why would a mere 100m high 1.7km long viaduct bother life? Some damage has been done, sure. Certainly the view has been damaged!  So many visitors exclaim "What a shame about the view...", such viual creatures, perceiving from their narrow point of view. All the while we would carry on with those things we just did because we could... Thanks Corona, you have made us rethink. 

It has been like being trapped in some game, with new rules that we are discovering as we play.   "I'm going to Güneşköy, good for the environment, fewer people that anywhere else".  The police wouldn't listen; they'd been told to look for just one thing - had we registed as Farmers, did we have the Documentation?  The point was that I had said the same as others - who'd been let through the check point.  As a woman, and obviously foreign, I was to be blocked.  10 days ago, I'd pulled back and spent time with Ramazan's family, especially his 7 year old with her English.  

As always we stopped off at 25 Saat ( the bakery open 25 hours a day).  THeir limited staff were all wearing masks, against Corona, 10 weeks since all education establishments closed.  After Elmadağ, we turned south up over the highest point and down into the Balaban Valley.    Fiko droze us past the check point - having said the same as I'd said, probably more intent (and tall, male, Turkish no messing business approach.  He'd got through several times, never getting stopped) we had a phone call - the Governor of the Province of Kırıkkale (we are 600m away from the border with Ankara) was to visit Güneşköy today!!!

It's the greenest time of year. I'm still finding new species not previously noticed...     One of our 2020VegeBox members has a work permit to cross county borders, and is watering trees around our Mandala: Fiko's garden is taking shape. 

 The area the chickens roamed for years until October is alive with colour.  A quick walk around the Dry Lake, life blossoming despite the viaduct. 

No time to waste today.  The Mandala, unused since October, needs to be cleaned before the Visit of the Governor.  Sweeping under the benches and moving the cushions, I terrorise those who'd been living undisturbed.   Sorry...

On the way up to the main glasshouse, neat rows of plants are growing on the terraces, the fruit of Celal's work, now supported by Merdan.  Brisk cleaning up of the glasshouse as the weather livens into such strong gusts of wind that a large double glazed panel blew in!  Nature's power...

The wind was getting stronger, blowing in sudden gusts. Suddenly a sharp bang, like an explosion. We looked to find a large window that had been intact a minute earlier was a big hole, fringed with broken glass around the metal frame...

"Before the governor comes..." we set about clearing all the pieces. I never saw such finely shattered glass, some pieces as thin and sharp as needles - it was special glass.

 and finally they arrived.  Nine vehicles with numerous men in grey suits, were guided and informed by Fikret; he's good at this.  I wonder what - in a week from now - they will each remember about Güneşköy.  

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