Ocimum basilicum

Ocimum basilicum

My Georgian friend told me how to dry Basil, much used in Georgian cuisine and known as Şeştrami/ Sheshtrami. We have white and red basil, humming with bees. Before harvesting I need to untangle the left-handed Convolvulus; I developed this skill at Kruidentuin in Leiden – happy memories.

I work out how to harvest basil seeds. Tomato seeds are harvested in water then sifted.

Some seed pods – fruits are beautiful. Any idea what this could be?

We cleared the cucumber patch as it is no longer producing much, though still enough for one visitor.

Work is now starting on the construction of the 90m tall pillar, part of the Ankara-Sivas high speed train line: this part could be dusty as the loaded trucks can only make it up the steep ramp when pulled with grader power. Worms are now fed every week, sprinkled every 3 days. We set up a new feeding experiment…

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