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Australia’s Clean Up.

Community Supported Agriculture UK

Ecoaccess People with disabilities and the environment.  Also see Canadian Disabled Individuals’ Association Sports and Leisure information

Ecofont ‘More is less’ fonts that use less ink.

Farmers for a Sustainable Future Watch videos like A Thousand Suns

Global Ecovillage Network Güneşköy is a member of GEN.

Hugelkultur: Making raised beds, that don’t need watering, using branches, wood, and brush.

Kerkenes EcoCentre Yozgat, Central Turkey was established in 2002.

Let’s do it! Estonia cleared all the rubbish from the country in 5 hours.

Nature Gate: Identify plants, butterflies, birds online. Not quite the right ecology (Finland) but a great site.

Practical Action – Technology Challenging Poverty.

Water management: The Water Institute.


Paying more for Organic (1.2017)