Güneşköy land

What is Guneskoy?
In 2002 we bought 75 000m2 from the state, in the Balaban Valley (the Balaban flows into Turkey’s largest river, the Kizilirmak). 3 km from the small village of Hisarkoy. The south-facing land is on a gentle slope, steepening towards the rocky hills behind the land. This land was previously used only for sheep, goats and cattle to graze.  No one remembers anything being planted there, at least not in known history (a pottery piece found during ploughing could be between 2000 and 3000 years old).

The first building on our land: In 2004 a small two-roomed adobe building, shaped like a figure of 8 (or is it an infinity sign?) was erected near the entrance in the fence (simple wire, not barbed) to keep our animals while the ecologically rich hedge grows. The building is decorated on the outside with a large mosaic and small glass motifs. On the inner walls we let lose our creativity, with suns, lizards and other shapes emerging out of the traditional soil-straw wall surface.
Energy project: A UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) fund for an energy project. Turk Traktor company has donated a tractor adapted for trials of bio-fuel once the canola oil is extracted.

In 2007, one of our major projects was the construction of a straw bale building with a Mandala roof structure.

In 2011, 10 000m2 was compulsorily purchased by the state, as our land happens to land exactly where the Ankara-Sivas high speed railway line has to be built  As we are close to the river bed, between the hills, it will fly 90m above us on a viaduct “strong enough to resist earthquakes”.  Feb.2016: the “feet” or viaduct pillars/stilts/legs being built 500m north of Güneşköy have huge foundations!

Map of the Land

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