Güneşköy started in 2000.  Some in our group had been involved in an earlier project, Hocamköy; others brought new perspectives.  Güneşköy cooperative was the first of its kind in Turkey.  In 2002, we bought Güneşköy land – to make sure it could not be taken from us. … until in 2011, we found out the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train track would cut our land in two.  Not quite: trains would travel along a viaduct 90m above the land.

Güneşköy poster-leaflet October 2017

The land was “stony land”, used as pasture by a local villager.  It had never been cultivated.  The first step had to be fencing the 3.5km – simple wire, nothing electric or sharp, just enough to keep out animals. Water was a challenge.  The first trees we planted did not survive the hot summers.  In 2004, the two-room adobe building was put up; the first of the “round houses” that the villagers of Hisar Köy know us for.   In 2005, Güneşköy had its first organic harvests, the first in the district of Kırıkkale.  …

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  3.  “An Ecovillage-Initiative and its Interact” Theresa Weitzhofer-Yurtışık (2012, MSc in Sociology, University of Vienna)
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